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Vertex Landau Stereo Chorus
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Vertex Landau Stereo Chorus


The Landau Stereo Chorus is the result of modifications developed with guitarist Michael Landau to re-engineer the unique sound and specifications of his revered Arion SCH-1 Chorus, while adding several new features. To re-create this pedal, we take a stock Arion SCH-Z Chorus and match it to Landau's coveted Arion Chorus (a factory defect), which has a much thicker mid-range and low-end body compared to a stock unit. We then add a second Chorus voicing for a richer vibrato, and more Hi-Fi Chorusing (tweaked to Landau's taste), reminiscent of his studio tones on countless recordings in 80's and 90's.


True stereo bypass

Mono and stereo operation

Volume trim pot for matching output levels (ranging from off to +2dB over unity gain)

Identical to the defective Arion Chorus that Michael Landau has popularized

Two distinct Chorus voicings

Refined aesthetics

Modified and handcrafted in California








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