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Rockbox Baby Blues
¥ 1200.00  

Rockbox Baby Blues


Level, Drive and Tone Controls

2 Independent Drive Switch settings

Overall Boost switch

Treble Boost switch

True bypass silent switching

High visibility indicator Blue LED

Audiophile grade components mixed with vintage components for tone.

2-year warranty against manufacturers defects

The Rockbox&trade Baby Blues&trade Distortion / Boost is a new approach in creating vintage tones. With two distinct Vintage Distortion settings, Clean Boost, TrebleBoost, Gain, Drive and Tone controls, the Baby Blues&trade provides over 16 different combinations of tone, which can be further modified by the Gain, Drive and Tone controls.

We started with some very special vintage components to give the Baby Blues&trade its classic signature tone. We then completed the design using the best audiophile grade components we could find. The result is a strikingly accurate representation of some of the best signature sounds ever created for guitar. Some settings will result in massive amounts of gain available, while other settings will result in just gain matching, but very creamy tones. All tones available are great, useable additions to the guitarists toolbox.

As with all of our custom effects, final assembly is followed by one final test: Each finished pedal is auditioned using the best test we know of - we listen to it.

We truly believe that the Baby Blues&trade is one of the best vintage tone machines you will ever purchase. Not to be confused with or compared with our other effects, the Baby Blues&trade will add some great new and vintage sounds to your existing pallette.

If you are like most of us, and have wasted money in the past on effects that just didn't cut it, the Baby Blues&trade will make a believer out of you. We think that you will find the Baby Blues&trade to be a useful tool in your arsenal of sound, and will get a permanent spot on your pedalboard.

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